Using Data to Solve Software Pain Points

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Where to begin

Understanding the Data Landscape

  • Understanding the compliance requirements of data
  • Understanding the data state
  • Understanding who uses the data and how it is used

Understanding Compliance Requirements

Understanding State

Understanding User Needs

  • Are you exposing appropriate endpoints?
  • Are you aggregating data to the user’s needs?
  • Are you naming unnecessary assumptions about how data is used?

Duct tape architecture

Fragility to Reliability

  • Latency: How long do requests take? How many time-outs? Is it your network causing the latency, your dependency calls, or your business logic? Do you have slow database queries you can optimize?
  • Traffic: Are there trends? Are you seeing spikes or anomalies? Do you have backoff and other appropriate re-try practices?
  • Errors: Do you report your errors? Are your errors easy to find, parse, and read? Are your errors handled appropriately? Are your errors actionable?
  • Saturation: Are you saturating for heap/stack/memory? Can you scale up workers? Are you returning appropriate payload sizes? Do you need to batch/paginate your data payloads?




Data Engineer | ML hobbiest | Golang Evangelist | Presenter

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Miriah Peterson

Miriah Peterson

Data Engineer | ML hobbiest | Golang Evangelist | Presenter

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